Today skills are routinely mentioned in conjunction to occupation, jobs, career, success, and in general, to professional side of life.


These tools may be varied, but they all rest on a foundation of a few…. yes, skills. And these skills are universal in their application to practically any imaginable case, so to say.


无论您是打算建立一个充实的职业还是希望能够cope successfully with everyday life(在危机中引导公司的挑战同样具有挑战性),您只需要拥有这些技能即可。

它们很少,没有50多个特定特征和稀有爱好列表,但是它们对您有信心至关重要on your path to goals


1. Communication.

It is an umbrella term including spoken communication, written communication and general ability to structure one’s through and ideas for others to comprehend them easily.

You may not master all kinds of communication, but be sure to master at least one of them – spoken or书面交流, or the PowerPoint thing.

A lwaystake care to structure your thoughts before writing the most casual email. Clarity and efficiency arereal keys to success, whether on job or anywhere else.

2. Teamwork and networking.


Networking is usually understood as building a set of useful contacts that sooner or later willcontribute to your personal success




打几个电话,安排非正式的晚餐或午餐,在这里您将这些人彼此联系在一起,并建议他们可以一起完成的事情 - 艺术家和画廊所有者,一家精美的糕点制造商和咖啡馆老板等等 - 也是最好的网络。

Even if you connect people who know other people who may benefit each other or your company in the future – it is still networking in the long run, and it really works.


Chances are that when you will need something from them or just need something in general and will let them know about it – these people will go far to help you through their connections or will do a personal favor because this is just the kind of help they got from you earlier.

3. Problem solving.

What is Creative Problem Solving? definition stages steps and techniques

解决问题is about a having flexible mind and ability to think out of the box.

It is also about the ability to think logically. Or at least, without missing obvious links in a chain and not believing that it is because of a black cat that the important deal was not struck.

一切都它的原因,会产生一些后果。So trace carefully steps that led to some problem and plan steps that will lead out of it, and consider the costs, by the way. That’s basically it.

4. Initiative.

Stepping forward with suggestions or criticism that aims at real improvement is fine, and it shows your value as a thinking and attentive employee. But often people are afraid to do it.

To facilitate this task, carefully arrange everything you want to suggest or change in writing, and then send it by email or present in speech.

一定要做适当的时机when there is no emergency or people you need to address are not overburdened or distressed. Then your ideas will be accepted with attention and possibly implemented.

5. Self-organizing and general organizing.

free printables

这是很多人不能pu的厄运t everything together for some event or job or even daily chores.


The key to good planning is not trying to fit too many things into too little time. It is a path to failure.

Instead, set priorities, write them down and discard mercilessly the rest.



较少的任务 hand组织变得更加容易。p eoplewho can actually organize huge events alone flawlessly and be excellent parents or spouses at the same time exist on Instagram images only.

6. Technology skills.

This is the 21st century and technical literacy is a must. Basic computer skills, word processor, emails, web browsing, smartphone using have become normal parts of life, and today most people know how to do it.



Yes, youcannot stop learning after leaving college。找到工作后,您不能停止学习。

You need to be open to new ideas, new ways to do things, new tools to use and new ways to handle your life.

So whether you are deliberately open to changes or decide to upgrade your knowledge, it is still learning, so keep going. It means better prospects at work and more fun in life.

You may even find after some contemplation that you need to continue your education in a more formal setting. While this can seem overwhelming as a working adult, it is possible to further your education while still maintaining your life.

Online programs likeVU Onlineare great for remote learners with full-time jobs.



If you doubt that you can easily incorporate the skills you have into an impressive resume, then entrust one of reputable cv writing serviceswith a task编辑您的文档并突出显示专业自我的最强​​方面。

Then, you are guaranteed a chance to meet hiring people in person and impress them even more.


How to Find Your Passion Now and Start Doing What You Love

It is often believed that skills for leaders are somehow different from skillsrequired in every person. But let us consider who leaders actually are.

Leaders are people, first of all. They are people who can persuade others to follow their lead, to accept their vision and to work to achieve it.



Usually, 4 to 6 specific skills are attributed to true leaders. But basically, we can reduce them to 4, or even 2.

The list of 4 leadership skills will look like this:

  • 自我意识;
  • 影响他人;
  • Communication;
  • 永久学习。

但是正如我们所看到的,交流和终身学习技能are necessary for everybody in the modern ever-changing world, whether for professional purposes or for handling daily life issues.

So specific leadership skills are just 2:

  • 自我意识;
  • 影响他人。


So primarily you have to be honest with yourself and admit and accept your flaws and limitations – but also acknowledge your strong sides.

Getting this skill requires self-analysis and facing own imperfections. O nce您知道他们,您可以明智地运用自己拥有的能力,并吸引其他人提供您没有的技能。

Influencing others is an art in itself, but it can be roughly described as making others see through your eyes, accept this viewpoint and align their actions with it.

Influencing people似乎是一项艰巨的任务,但尝试将其分解为较小的单独任务。

Determine whom you need to influence, identify exact things you want them to do, and then choose the appropriate path of persuasion.

Most people already have basic universal skills, they just do not know about it. So review the skills you have, decide on those you need to improve or develop and just start doing it. The rest is a matter of practice.


Teresa Brashear grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from California State University. She is a mom, an HR manager at an IT company, and a successful writer。她喜欢花时间在花园里工作,学习法国和中文以及打排球。

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